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"How it will make the offering available to target customers (PLACE)" (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg. 13)

The place where the talent show will take place will be Mountaintop Faith Ministries located on 2845 Lindell Rd Las Vegas, NV 89146.  It will be held on a Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm.  I feel that Mountaintop is the perfect place for the venue because both the pastor and his wife believe in supporting charity.  It s a Christian environment where people are very courteous and generous and love to help others.  My pastor and his wife both like to give back to the community and to give to help others.  I also feel that there are lots of kids that attend the church with LOTS of talent and lots of love and drive to help make this show a success.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EOC Week 10: What are the benefits vs. the features?

There are benefits of using your time, talents, health, and money to help others. First and foremost, it is everyone's social responsibility. Companies like McDonald's, Macy's, and Nordstrom's to name a few are all responsible socially. They aren't pressured into doing so, they do it because they feel that their company is in a position financially to do so. It is the RIGHT thing to do. It lets consumers and see that their company is not all about making money to benefit them as a corporation, but also to help others who are in need. "Dealing with issues of ethics and social responsibility in an open and forthright way helps to build strong customer relationships based on honestly and trust." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg.535) Most regular people work part-time or full time, and usually after bills and everyday expenses, not a lot is left over to give. BUT, not having money does not stop you from helping others. My talent show will offer enjoyment for the audience, while young people are up on stage doing things they love to do. These are the features this offers to everyone. The benefits of this talent show are: gaining knowledge, experiencing great talent, and HELPING someone who can’t help themselves. We are not on this earth alone, and everybody brings something different to the table, before you say "that's not my problem", look at it from a different standpoint. What if YOU or YOUR child were sick? How would you feel then? Most people take help from whoever is offering it.  Help is selfless.  Doing this can show people HOW to help others.  It doesn’t take much, just the will to do something.  Help is FREE! You just have to make the decision to do so. This event can teach people how to give. It will show someone how GOOD it feels to give. It will also teach people that giving creates positivity and good karma. "To exercise their social responsibility and build more positive images, many companies are now linking themselves to worthwhile causes." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg. 86) If a large corporation realizes this, why can't we?

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EOC Week 9: Three Great Mission Statements

"A clear mission statement acts as an “invisible hand” that guides people in the organization." (Marketing: An Introduction For Educaiton Management Corporation pg. 39)

A great mission statement helps people to thoroughly understand and comprehend what it is you want to do.  This is exactly what 3 of my classmantes have done.  In reading I was able to unerstand their purpose behind what they were doing, and the affect these issues have on them as individuals.

Haley Blaine (
The mission of Beauty and the Bully is "To spread the word about the seriousness of bullying". Our mission is to inspire youth to speak only kind words, and teach that it takes a kind heart and mouth to be truly beautiful."
After reading this mission statement, I realized that bullying is a really big problem in the United States.  People don't usually like to tell peopel about their issues with bullying.  Haley stating that "it takes a kind heart and mouth to be beautiful" is a wonderful way and kind to combat bullying.  It kind of reiterates the phrase 'kill them with kindness".  It is a non-violent way to deal with the issue and this program will also make parents aware of this issue, so they can make sure they are supervising their children in order to stop this issue.

Vince Binamira (
The mission of the project is to ensure that no one is left behind when it comes to the basic needs in life which is food, water and shelter especially those that ones gave their lives for their country. The main goal of this project is to help homeless veterans and organizations that these organizations, in this case "Volunteers for America", by means of a radio marathon that is designed to last for four hours.
This mission statement really hits home for me.  Veterans are too often over looked and its a shame becaus ethey put their life on the line for their country.  The ones who didn;t lose their lives to save ours shouldn't be left suffering or homeless.  My husband is a veteran and my heart completely goes out to these families.  As a country, we have to do better! Too many veterans are left without jobs, and homes or a means to provide for families.  This is a great way to raise awareness to the public sl that people will know and DO SOMETHING about it.

Arnold Avila (
The goal of my project is to help feed struggling families around the Las Vegas valley with this food drive. So with that being said I want my mission statement to be “help give back to your community by offering a helping hand to others”.
Many people don't believe in giving back.  When something makes you, you must give back to help make others.  many people are not aware of the issues and hunger that plagues their old communities or the communities that they live in.  This event will make people take a look around, become aware of the issues in their community, and help a worthy cause.  Communities need to take a stand ad help others around them, it could easily be you...

 "Dealing with issues of ethics and social responsibility in an open and forthright way helps to build strong customer relationships based on honestly and trust." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg.535)

Week 9 BOC: What are summer's top hits? Why?

Summer 2012 Top Hits
1) Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jemison
2) Payphone - Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa
3) Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye ft. Kimbra
4) We Are Young - Fun ft. Janelle Monae
5) Starships - Nicki Minaj

All of these songs are relateable over large age ranges and demographics.  They all have really cool beats and are catchy.  I find myself often singing Nicki Minaj's "Starchips" although I don't like the song.  No matter how many times I hear "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye, I sing along ans snap my fingers.  although the artists have done their job to make their songs stand out, social media plas a role also.  People tweet, instagram, and facebook what they arelisening to and usually if a friend of that perosn has not yet heard the song, they go and listen to it.  Also, itunes tracks the number of downloads ofthese songs.  I can see why each of them are on the top 5 list.                    

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Week 8 EOC: Creative Content

In order to get information out about the talent show, I plan to get some of the artistic kids that attend Mountain Top Faith Ministries to create flyers featuring their own original drawings.  Also on the flyer will be the information of where the event is taking place, the date, time, and cover cost.  There will also be information about who people can talk to or where people can go to make donations if they won’t be able to attend the event. This is a way to showcase the artistic talent that some of the kids possess. Usually talent shows showcase things like singing, joke telling, or instrument playing. They rarely showcase someone's drawing ability. This way, no one feels left out or like their talent is smaller or less relevant to another. The fliers will be given to members of the church to pass along to neighbors, co-workers, and friends.   I will also ask the children to post statuses on their Facebook and create an event page on which people can get the information about the event as well as information about the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.  The whole show, under the direction of myself, will be all of the kids' work and ideas. There also will be announcements made at the end of each church service. Services are held every Wednesday at 7:15pm and on Sunday at 8am and 10:45am. The kids delegated to make these announcements will be the ones who have the talent of speaking in front of people. They will be asked to simply state the time, and date of the event and share their own excitement about the event as well as a fact about cancer creating awareness for the church congregation.  They will also provide information about the fliers and where they can be picked up from.

Implementation Evaluation Control

"Through implementation, the company turns the plans into actions. Control consists of measuring and evaluating the results of marketing activities and taking corrective action where needed." (Marketing: an Introduction for Education pg. 55)


Price List
Tickets: $5.00 
Cookies: 2 for $1.00 
Cake: $.50 per slice
Personal Popcorn Bags $1.00 
Water: $1.00
"it must decide how much it will charge for the offering (PRICE)" (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation Pg.13)


"good distribution can contribute strongly to customer value" (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg 310)

Talent will be distributed during the course of the talent show, refreshments and snacks will be distributed after the talent show.  We will also have a special V.I.P. section for children who have survived the disease of cancer or who are currently battling and are well enough to attend.  These children will be our "Stars of the Hour".  They get to meet all of the talent before the show, get V.I.P. seating and special recognition throughout the show. 


"It must communicate with target customers about the offering and persuade them of its merits (PROMOTION)." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg. 13)

The way I plan to promote this event is through social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), weekly announcements at the church on Wednesday and Sunday when members are present, and utilize the young at the church with artistic abilities to create fliers to pass out around the community.  The church has over 1,000 members so we would also use the word of mouth method.  There's so many people that this disease has plagued, I trust and believe that people will want to participate.  

 "To exercise their social responsibility and build more positive images, many companies are now linking themselves to worthwhile causes." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg. 86)


"A market is the set of actual and potential buyers of a PRODUCT." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg.8)

There are several products that will be for purchase.  First and foremost, we will be selling tickets to the patrons who want to see the talent show.  We will also have a donation jar where people can just drop their spare change into. There will be baked goods (cookies and cake) that the kids with talents in the kitchen will be asked to donate.  There will also be popcorn bags and small bottles of water.

 "To deliver on its value proposition, the firm must create a need-satisfying offering (PRODUCT)" (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg.13)

Target Market Strategy

S.W.O.T. Analysis

" The main section of the plan presents a detailed SWOT analysis of the current marketing situation as well as potential threats and opportunities." (Marketing: An Introduction For Education Management Corporation pg. 56)

"Strengths include internal capabilities, resources, positive situational factors that may help the company to serve its customers and achieve its objectives" (Marketing: An Introduction For education management Corporation pg.55)
Doing this project will create awareness, utilize local talent, and raise money for a cause.  While getting the show together, we will educate the young talent on what it is that we are trying to accomplish.  We will make sure the kids are aware of why they are participating and put emphasis on how important it is to help others.  This will plant seeds into their minds and they will be aware that no matter who you are, you can do something.  This will also benefit the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation financially.

"Weaknesses include internal limitations and negative situational factors that may interfere with the company’s performance." (Marketing: An Introduction for Educational Management Corporation Pg. 55)
One must be aware that with every idea comes weakness.  What if people don't want to participate? What if people don't show up? What if no one wants to donate their time or money?  These are all issues that need to be addressed.  I believe that with proper advertising and marketing, these problems won't really be an issue.

"Opportunities are favorable factors or trends in the external environment that the company may be able to exploit to its advantage." (Marketing: an Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg. 55)
The opportunities with producing an event like this are very positive.  It's an opportunity to see if anyone around me has ever suffered with the pains of cancer or has a sick child that can be helped.  There is opportunities to learn and educate others of the severity and signs of cancer.  Awareness IS the opportunity.

"threats are unfavorable external factors or trends that may present challenges to performance." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation)
I do not notice any immediate threats.  But there is the possible threat that someone may not want to participate, or the children who are to perform will need approval from their parents and may possibly have to deal with negative feedback.  Sometimes parents want to protect their children from things like this.  It is a very touchy and emotional issue and it may spark some people to act negatively or to not want to participate.

" NCCF supports those who fight a daily battle against disease, therefore, NCCF added healing arts and wellness services for critically ill children and their caregivers as well as hosting a second location (and new program) servicing adults touched by cancer. We NOW offer over 40 programs and services at no cost to our participants at two locations in Southern Nevada." (Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation)


MISSION: To create awareness to show that we care by donating time, talent, and most of all LOVE!

1. To explain to those interested who are in participating the who, what, when, where, and hows of the talent show.
2. To educate participants on the cancer and spark interest and awareness of the disease
3. To discuss concerns, plans, and where each talent can be used.
4. To list duties of each person and/or job in detail so each person will know what needs to be done and how their talent can be used to help.
5. To put on a grand show and raise lots of awareness and money for the Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada.

"The company needs to turn its mission into detailed supporting objectives for each level of management." (Marketing: An Introduction For Education Management Corporation pg.41)

"The MISSION of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation is to provide social, emotional, educational, and psychological support services and programs to families of ALL children diagnosed with life threatening or critical illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, hemophilia, renal disorders, and immunologic diseases and provide healing arts and wellness programs to adults touched by cancer and to chronically ill children and their caregivers. " (Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation)

Mission Statement

Defined: "A mission statement is a statement of the organization's purpose - what it wants to accomplish in the larger environment." (Marketing: An Introduction for Educaiton Management Corporation pg. 39)

"To create awareness to show that we care by donating time, talent, and most of all LOVE!"

I've always cared about kids, I've always cared about the dangers of cancer.  I didn't know much about either, but after doing research, I've learned that Nevada has a foundation to assist BOTH.  I have lost family members to cancer, I know people who lost family members to cancer, and I know people have fought hard and survived cancer.  It is something we ALL have experienced directly and indirectly.  It is something that bothers people.  The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation can offer help to families suffering from the hurt and pain this disease brings into people's lives.  This is why I want to do something about it.  Nobody deserves sickness, but it happens, and if you can do something to make someone smile during that sickness, it helps.  It helps to show someone that you care enough to offer your time and able body to just be there for them.  The goal of this talent show is to make other youth aware that people do get sick, but there IS something you can do about it.  This is my purpose, THIS IS MY MISSION....

"Embrace the Life of a Child" (Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation)

Week 7 EOC: The Pitch

"It's better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness" ~Unknown

To make a difference you have to start with the initiative to do so.  SO MANY people sit and complain about the way things are and what they would do if they had this or that, but all you need is to be willing.  You need the will to make a difference.  It starts with YOU.
As far as I can remember, cancer is a word that I have been familiar with.  It's not something I am comfortable with. Actually, I HATE it.  It has taken loved ones away from me.  It has plagued people who didn't deserve the pain.  It terrorizes families and breaks hearts.  It is something I want to raise awareness and funds for.  It is something that needs to be cured.  One of the worst things about cancer is that it doesn't care who it infects.  Its the worst when it's a  innocent child.  The Nevada childhood cancer foundation is one of the programs that helps these children.  I want to help these children.  My plan is to host a talent show, showcasing the talent of healthy children and teens in order to raise money to help those that are not as fortunate or healthy.  The event will be held at Mountain Top Faith Ministries in Las Vegas, NV.  I want to make these children and tens aware that there are people out there suffering, and while you're fortunate enough to have good health, you must extend yourself to help those who are not.  You must show others that you care.  This is why I would like for my church to host the event because we believe in helping others.  We will use the talent of the children and teens within the church and showcase talent for a good cause!  There will be a cover charge of $5.00. We will also sale baked goods and refreshments being served that is made by the youth also.  We will also plan a trip to go down to the offices of the Nevada childhood cancer foundation and get personal.  We will educate ourselves on this subject because this could easily be one of us.       

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Week 5 EOC: Super Bowl Commercial

This is my favorite Super Bowl commercial. First, because another female M&M is introduced. She is at a business type social gathering and the guys are immaturely snickering because they think she is naked. In my opinion, this is a real life situation. Besides the fact of a girl being at a social gathering and people think you’re naked, immature males ALWAYS snicker at you when they think something funny is going on. "Today’s marketers want to become a part of your life and to enrich your experiences with their brands—to help you to live their brands." (Marketing: An introduction for education management corporation pg.3) My husband and his friends are notorious for these immature male actions. :-) To make matters worse Red, a male M&M adds to the immaturity of the guys by also assuming that she is naked and rips off his shell after stating "Oh, It's THAT kind of party!” After that a popular song by the group LMFAO comes on and he starts to dance. At this point the females are irritated by the immaturity of the guys.  Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships.” (Marketing: An introduction for education management corporation pg. 3)  This real situation produces a relationship between the customer and the marketer because the consumer can relate to this.  In the end, the guys make complete fools out of themselves which happens ALL OF THE TIME in reality.  Being able to reach someone on a personal level as well as make them laugh about it is a great marketing tactic to use.  Marketers feel that the customer relationship to the brand is the number 1 priority.  Strong emotional bonds = happy and loyal customers who will return again and again for whatever it is that a particular brand offers them.  These new approaches do more than just blast out messages to the masses. They reach you directly and personally. Today’s marketers want to become a part of your life and to enrich your experiences with their brands—to help you to live their brands.” (Marketing: an introduction for education management corporation pg. 3) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EOC Week 4: Business VS. Consumer buying behavior

“Business customer buying decisions are made within the framework of a strategic, problem-solving partnership.” (Marketing: An introduction for education management corporation pg. 158)  Businesses buy because of successful relationships with whom they are purchasing from.  In the world of business, networking and business relationships are very important.  It is important for a business to know who they are buying from, and to develop a trust of each other.  Business purchases are usually in bulk, and if the decision is made to go elsewhere to get their products it could result in a huge loss of the company they are buying from.  Customer buying behavior however, is slightly different.  Customers buy because of an emotional connection, beliefs, social status, religion, etc.  If one customer decides that he or she doesn’t want to continue to buy at a particular store, the store will not take a huge hit as if it would in a bulky business purchase.  Business purchases to not consider social statuses, religious affiliation, or emotional connections.  It’s all about business.  “it might be disappointing when a refrigerator buyer chooses a competing brand, losing a single sale to a large business customer can mean the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in business.” (Marketing: An introduction for education management corporation pg. 158)  Customers buying habits depend on their age, lifestyle, occupation, economic situation, and whether they are motivated to buy or not.   Business buying is strictly based on loyalty from the buyer to the seller.  When a business finds a great seller, they usually stick with them.   Also, when sellers find a great business that buys in good faith they treat them well.         

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Week 3 EOC: MY Demographics

Generation Y: Milennials
I was born in the year of 1982.  My parents are the baby boomers.  My parents are all about saving, having money set aside for later, and they don't own a computer.  Although my mother has a facebook page and a smartphone, my dad wont go near any of it.  It is said that Generation Y is the generation of technology.  I remember the first time using the internet and my mother gave me this huge speech on how she had to research everything at the library, how there was no internet and that I should be appreciative of the resources that are accessible to me.  I am appreciative, but I'm not sure if its the type of appreciation she wants me to have. You see, I'm used to computers, I usually google any or everything I need information for.  Although i do have a library card, I don't have to go to the library and do research without the use of a computer.  My parents brought a computer for my brothers and I when I was in the 6th grade.  I was born into the information age, when everything was starting to transition into the huge phenomnnon we now know as technology.  My generation also loves to persnalize EVERYTHING.  We want ours to be different from  and stand out.  Although we are into fahsion, I think it's safe to say that we are also rebels of fashion.  We creat our own looks.  We realize that in fashion trends come and go, but most of the time we just want something  different and unique.  We innovate and recreate old things from the past, we spend money to have the latest gadgets and high end fashions.  At the same time, we will go to the goodwill to seek out old vintage fashions.  I believe that we know the value of the old, while at the same time, we are adapting to the new.

Week 3 EOC: Making money for good

If you have extra, why not use it to help others???  Companies and businesses becoming "socially responsible" is the way to gain respect of the community and get recognition for a job well done.  People appreciate companies who give back.  One of these companies is Macy's.  As of now, they have a program going called "Be book smart" that simply asks to give a donation of $3.00 to provide a book for a child while getting $10.00 off  of a future purchase.  This helps the world or community to realize that Macy's cares while at the same time customers receive incentives for a small donation and a child somewhere in the world will recieve books in order to become educated. (
Another company that does a good job giving back is Starbucks.  Starbucks incorporate community programs in the communities in which there is a brick-and-mortar operation.  They invest in the youth by giving grants to help develope their leadership skills.  They also assist in aiding youth programs that tutor students in the communities as well. (
Nordstrom has a program called "Ten for you".  This program awards $10,000 to 80 high school students every year across the country to assist in funding a college career.  The scholarship is awarded to high school juniors who participate in community service projects and extraciricular activities as well as keep their grades to at least a 2.7 g.p.a.  This is a GREAT incentive as most college students end up in debt from loans.  This is an excellent way to give back.
I give a huge KUDOS to each of these companies or any other company who gives back and realizes their social responsibility.(

EOC Week 2: BCG- Video Games

I remember playing video games with my brothers and cousins as a kid. I remember one Christmas; my brother got his very own Nintendo Gaming system.  Since my childhood days, video games have evolved to a worldwide network of gamers. The main three gaming consoles are the Nintendo Wii, which was the first gaming console that has a wireless controller that captures body movements, the Sony PS3 and the Xbox. You can create a profile, become part of a team, and challenge people all over the world in games. This was a huge hit in the earlier 2000’s, but recently the video gaming industry has declined tremendously. "If people don't really have a reason to go out to the store, they're not," said John Taylor, a financial analyst for Arcadia Investment Corp. in Portland, Oregon (

This decline can be blamed on people choosing to download games to their mobile devices (cell phones, ipad, kindle etc.).  "Nintendo said that it plans to focus more on digital downloads to improve sales of the 3DS. Nintendo also plans to release a larger 3DS XL handheld at the end of July." ( This is a smart move for Nintendo if they want to remain relevant in the gaming world. According to the Boston Consulting Group, I'm sure it’s safe to say that the Nintendo Wii is in the cash cow stage in its career.  

As for the Xbox, its cash cow days are over. I believe that the Xbox is in its dog days. There is little to no growth, and no one is buying. "The next generation of gaming consoles will fail to reach the same audience current machines have according to two very smart and reputable market analysts!" ( The generation of NOW wants everything portable and downloadable. This is why I feel that Ipads, Kindles, and other tablets, they are in the (?) category of the BGC strategy. This is a growing market, but at this point it is difficult to see where its headed.  Indeed, many educators have been discussing the potential of handheld technology to leverage learning, while watching for signs that the manufacturers of e-book readers may cut prices.” ( Iphones are in the star category as far as gaming goes. You can download just about any game and have it at your fingertips at any time.  Where is gaming headed?   To a cell phone or tablet near you…

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When you LOVE to do something, you don’t need the recognition.  The looks of awe and excitement on the faces of people who watch the final result is acknowledgement enough for me.  I love to put things together.  I love to create a plan.  I love the stressful process of making that plan come to life.  I love the feeling I get when all of that hard work from that plan pays off.  I love to create.  I LOVE FASHION.  In the past I have made things for friends and family that they loved.  I made things for myself that I loved.  Fashion is happiness to me and I love using fashion to make others happy.  As a visual merchandiser, I want to be the person who picks what people love and show them ways to wear it.  I want to eventually create an emotional attachment to those things; to a brand.  I want to do something that will impact others, as well as something that I am passionate about.  Happy people make me happy, and beautiful things make people happy.  I want to make beautiful things for people.           

Week 1 EOC: Great Customer Service

Week 1 EOC: Great Customer Service

On July 4, 2012, I went into a Ross store for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  I was in a rush because my husband and I were late to a friend’s barbeque which was about 45 minutes away from our present location.  I went in, got the shorts and shirt, and headed straight to the fitting room.  On my way to the register, I stopped in the hat aisle and picked up a cool hat.  When I got to the register, the cashier was very friendly.  He asked me how my day was, how my holiday was going and if I was satisfied with my choices.  I told him about my day, answering truthfully.  At this point, a woman was on her way out of the store with a shopping cart.  Anyone who has ever been inside of a Ross store knows that the carts are not allowed out of the store.  At this time, the cashier proceeded to tell the woman that he apologizes, but the shopping carts are not allowed out of the store.  The lady immediately got irritated, removed her things from the cart, and left it in the doorway.  At this point the young man was the only person in this area of the store.  He looked a little confused and I could tell that he wanted to remove the shopping cart, but he didn’t want to step away from the register and stop the transaction.  So, I decided that I would remove the cart from the doorway and place it in the appropriate area for him.  When I got back to the register, he proceeded to give me 25% off of my purchase.  He said it was because I responded back to his positivity, and also that I was nice enough to remove that cart for him.  He said that that made his day, so he made MY day!  Customer relationships and value are especially important in today’s tough economic times, when more frugal consumers are cutting back and spending more carefully.”  (pg. 2)