Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 7 EOC: The Pitch

"It's better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness" ~Unknown

To make a difference you have to start with the initiative to do so.  SO MANY people sit and complain about the way things are and what they would do if they had this or that, but all you need is to be willing.  You need the will to make a difference.  It starts with YOU.
As far as I can remember, cancer is a word that I have been familiar with.  It's not something I am comfortable with. Actually, I HATE it.  It has taken loved ones away from me.  It has plagued people who didn't deserve the pain.  It terrorizes families and breaks hearts.  It is something I want to raise awareness and funds for.  It is something that needs to be cured.  One of the worst things about cancer is that it doesn't care who it infects.  Its the worst when it's a  innocent child.  The Nevada childhood cancer foundation is one of the programs that helps these children.  I want to help these children.  My plan is to host a talent show, showcasing the talent of healthy children and teens in order to raise money to help those that are not as fortunate or healthy.  The event will be held at Mountain Top Faith Ministries in Las Vegas, NV.  I want to make these children and tens aware that there are people out there suffering, and while you're fortunate enough to have good health, you must extend yourself to help those who are not.  You must show others that you care.  This is why I would like for my church to host the event because we believe in helping others.  We will use the talent of the children and teens within the church and showcase talent for a good cause!  There will be a cover charge of $5.00. We will also sale baked goods and refreshments being served that is made by the youth also.  We will also plan a trip to go down to the offices of the Nevada childhood cancer foundation and get personal.  We will educate ourselves on this subject because this could easily be one of us.       

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