Thursday, July 12, 2012



When you LOVE to do something, you don’t need the recognition.  The looks of awe and excitement on the faces of people who watch the final result is acknowledgement enough for me.  I love to put things together.  I love to create a plan.  I love the stressful process of making that plan come to life.  I love the feeling I get when all of that hard work from that plan pays off.  I love to create.  I LOVE FASHION.  In the past I have made things for friends and family that they loved.  I made things for myself that I loved.  Fashion is happiness to me and I love using fashion to make others happy.  As a visual merchandiser, I want to be the person who picks what people love and show them ways to wear it.  I want to eventually create an emotional attachment to those things; to a brand.  I want to do something that will impact others, as well as something that I am passionate about.  Happy people make me happy, and beautiful things make people happy.  I want to make beautiful things for people.           

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