Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EOC Week 10: What are the benefits vs. the features?

There are benefits of using your time, talents, health, and money to help others. First and foremost, it is everyone's social responsibility. Companies like McDonald's, Macy's, and Nordstrom's to name a few are all responsible socially. They aren't pressured into doing so, they do it because they feel that their company is in a position financially to do so. It is the RIGHT thing to do. It lets consumers and see that their company is not all about making money to benefit them as a corporation, but also to help others who are in need. "Dealing with issues of ethics and social responsibility in an open and forthright way helps to build strong customer relationships based on honestly and trust." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg.535) Most regular people work part-time or full time, and usually after bills and everyday expenses, not a lot is left over to give. BUT, not having money does not stop you from helping others. My talent show will offer enjoyment for the audience, while young people are up on stage doing things they love to do. These are the features this offers to everyone. The benefits of this talent show are: gaining knowledge, experiencing great talent, and HELPING someone who can’t help themselves. We are not on this earth alone, and everybody brings something different to the table, before you say "that's not my problem", look at it from a different standpoint. What if YOU or YOUR child were sick? How would you feel then? Most people take help from whoever is offering it.  Help is selfless.  Doing this can show people HOW to help others.  It doesn’t take much, just the will to do something.  Help is FREE! You just have to make the decision to do so. This event can teach people how to give. It will show someone how GOOD it feels to give. It will also teach people that giving creates positivity and good karma. "To exercise their social responsibility and build more positive images, many companies are now linking themselves to worthwhile causes." (Marketing: An Introduction for Education Management Corporation pg. 86) If a large corporation realizes this, why can't we?

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