Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 3 EOC: Making money for good

If you have extra, why not use it to help others???  Companies and businesses becoming "socially responsible" is the way to gain respect of the community and get recognition for a job well done.  People appreciate companies who give back.  One of these companies is Macy's.  As of now, they have a program going called "Be book smart" that simply asks to give a donation of $3.00 to provide a book for a child while getting $10.00 off  of a future purchase.  This helps the world or community to realize that Macy's cares while at the same time customers receive incentives for a small donation and a child somewhere in the world will recieve books in order to become educated. (
Another company that does a good job giving back is Starbucks.  Starbucks incorporate community programs in the communities in which there is a brick-and-mortar operation.  They invest in the youth by giving grants to help develope their leadership skills.  They also assist in aiding youth programs that tutor students in the communities as well. (
Nordstrom has a program called "Ten for you".  This program awards $10,000 to 80 high school students every year across the country to assist in funding a college career.  The scholarship is awarded to high school juniors who participate in community service projects and extraciricular activities as well as keep their grades to at least a 2.7 g.p.a.  This is a GREAT incentive as most college students end up in debt from loans.  This is an excellent way to give back.
I give a huge KUDOS to each of these companies or any other company who gives back and realizes their social responsibility.(

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